Xbox One Wireless Controller: Black Deals

Xbox One Wireless Controller: Black Deals

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Xbox One Wireless Controller: Black

Xbox One Wireless Controller: Black

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Elevate your game with a Black wireless Xbox One controller

Xbox One is home to a whole host of great exclusive game experiences like Gears of War, Forza Horizon and Halo, with the official Xbox One Wireless controller being your gateway to access them. It’s an effectively sleek and comfortable design that makes sitting down for extended play sessions never a chore, playing completely wirelessly up to a distance of two metres without any noticeable latency.

Black is one of the most popular colours Xbox One’s official wireless controller comes in, being a relatively simple but attractive shade that matches the gamepad’s wider streamlined design. Ease of use is of the upmost importance with this standard design. You can even plug in any compatible 3.5mm into the bottom for easy party chat amongst friends. Also, thanks to included Bluetooth technology, the official Black wireless Xbox One controller can also be used to play PC games.

Compatible with all Xbox One console models

The current generation of consoles has seen half-step hardware upgrades become the norm. It’s now not uncommon for original models eventually being phased out in favour of a variant that is sleeker, powerful, more player friendly. Xbox One has seen two of these in the slimmer S and souped-up X models respectively, but the good news is that the official Xbox One controller works flawlessly across both.

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Remappable buttons for your preferred way of play

The Black Official Xbox One Wireless controller isn’t without its cool tech tie-ins, with the most prominent being the ability to remap buttons using the corresponding Xbox accessories app which you can find on your phone. From here you can change the control settings for most games in any way you like – giving you absolute control of how you play your favourite games and interacting with them however you choose.

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