PS4 Slim Vertical Stand Deals

PS4 Slim Vertical Stand Deals

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PS4 Slim Vertical Stand

PS4 Slim Vertical Stand

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Why buy a PS4 vertical stand?

Turn your PS4 into a true feature of your entertainment centre with the PS4 Slim & Pro vertical stand. Designed for the PS4 Slim model (both 500GB and 1TB capacities are catered for) and the PS4 Pro, this stand enables you to stack your PS4 vertically on its end in a stable and safe manner, ensuring no unfortunate mishaps!

Gamers that own a gaming desk may benefit from a PS4 stand, as it will free up space by stacking the console vertically. It also makes your PS4 look the business!

The deals we feature are for the official Sony PS4 stand. It may not come with any charging stations or fans as you may find on other non-branded PS4 stands, but it’s the perfect weight and fits any PS4 perfectly. With cheaper imitations, you will find this isn’t always the case.

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