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PSVR Headset Deals

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The only dedicated VR headset available to play on a home console

PlayStation VR is the ideal way for PS4 players to experience a whole new dimension of gaming, being a headset that swiftly connects to your console and letting you be immersed in your favourite game worlds like never before. Typically, PSVR is purchased as part of a bundle, but if you already have a camera for your PS4, then it makes sense to pick up a PSVR headset separately as part of a deal.

Headset + camera + console = PSVR play

Getting started with virtual reality on PS4 is as simple as picking up a PSVR headset (either on its own or as part of a bundle), grabbing a PS4 camera, and of course, connecting both to your PS4 console. The PS4 camera is needed to track your hand and head movements, allowing for an extra degree of immersion thanks to your actions being successfully replicated in-game. The PSVR headset set-up process is relatively straightforward and quick – you’ll be playing in no time!

PSVR on Finance

The most affordable way to engage with virtual reality

Since its initial release in 2016, PSVR is an interactive platform that has only being more affordable. Other VR platforms struggle in removing the financial barrier for potential purchasers, but with a PSVR headset, anyone that’s already invested in the PS4 eco-system is pretty much good to go. The standard RRP for a PSVR headset in the UK is currently £259.99, but you can always find it on sale.

Audio and visual immersion working in tandem

While the PSVR’s 5.7” OLED screen is key to letting players immerse themselves in hyper-real 3D environments, this 360-degree vision is enhanced by the level of audio immersion PlayStation VR supports. The 3D audio accurately makes you aware of the distance of sounds, whether it’s coming above, below or behind you. A built-in mic also comes included into the unit, making party chat a breeze.

PS VR Headset

Farpoint PSVR

PSVR games that span every genre and preferred playstyle

Despite not having been on the market for three years yet, PSVR is a platform rife with various games geared towards almost every type of player. From colourful 3D platformers like Astro Bot: Rescue Mission to full-fledged first-person shooters like Blood & Truth, there are plenty of exclusives that can only be played on a PSVR headset and nowhere else. Support will only continue to arrive, too, as PSVR has already been confirmed to work with PS5 as well as PS4.

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