Playstation VR Mega Pack Bundle Deals

Playstation VR Mega Pack Bundle Deals

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Make the most of PlayStation VR with the PSVR Mega Pack Bundle

The PSVR Mega Pack Bundle is the ultimate starter set when it comes to PlayStation VR. It not only includes the headset itself and all the respective stands and cables, but a swathe of blockbuster games to jump in and try out also. Some will be familiar to you, like The Elder Scrolls Skyrim and Wipeout Omega Collection, but others represent wholly original experience exclusive to VR with PS4 being the most affordable way to play. Here’s what’s included:

PSVR Worlds

PSVR Worlds is an all-in-one mini-game collection designed to showcase all that PlayStation VR has to offer. The games included are: The London Heist, Into The Deep, Scavenger’s Odyssey, VR Luge and Danger Ball – and each allow players to get a small taste of the wider pie present in games like the other ones featured in this PSVR Mega Pack bundle. There’s plenty here to keep you occupied, being a good way to judge what type of PSVR experience is your preferred.

Scavangers odyssey

Wipeout official art

Wipeout Omega Collection

Wipeout Omega Collection was already a great game when it released for PS4, but it comes to life in a completely unique way when played in the newly included VR mode. It’s free for anyone that already owns the game, but as part of the PSVR Mega Pack bundle it serves as the optimum experience for anyone wondering what it’d be like to feel high-speed racing thrills directly in the driver’s seat.

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Bethesda’s open-world fantasy epic has become notorious for releasing on multiple platforms, but never before has it been made playable in virtual reality. The PSVR Mega Pack changes this, letting you live out your wizard, warrior and dragon-born fantasies from a convincing first-person perspective. It’s the world and characters you know, now made available to experience in a way you don’t. The lands of Skyrim have never felt so realistic.

Elder Scrolls VR

DOOM Eternal

Doom VFR

2016’s Doom reboot blew people away with its affinity for all things gory, morbid and hellish. That ethos continues into the game’s VR variant, aptly named Doom VFR, only this isn’t a straight port but instead a new story waiting for players to experience up close. Demons and monsters can now get right up in your face, giving you more reason to pull them apart with either guns or glory kills. Doom VFR challenges you to be aggressive and take the fight from Mars to Hell.

Astrobot Rescue Mission

Astrobot Recuse Mission is a 21st century update to the puzzle-platforming games of yesteryear. Because while the likes of Spyro, Crash Bandicoot and others has largely stayed confined to the remake list, Astrobot Rescue Mission is an all-new adventure designed specifically around VR. You’ll guide the little bot throughout 5 distinctive worlds, looking and peeking around every corner to explore and gather every collectible littered throughout.

Astro bot rescue mission

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