Nintendo 2DS Deals

Nintendo 2DS Deals

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New 2DS XL

If you're upgrading from the 3DS to the new Nintendo 2DS XL, you don't need to ditch your old games, as the new 2DS XL plays all existing Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS games.  It's also a super cheap handheld console and perfect if you're relatively new to gaming, or can't quite afford a Nintendo Switch bundle just yet. So if you want to get your hands on a brand new 2DS XL, just head back to the top of the page, select the 2DS XL option from the comparison filter, and then compare all of the latest deals we've found.

Learn more about Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo 2DS is a lot like its bigger brother the 3DS, but with a new design and no glasses-free 3D screen. Which is great for lots of reasons – the biggest one being, if you're buying for a young child you don't have to worry about the 3D screen hurting their eyes. It's cheaper too. The 'slate' shape of Nintendo 2DS is also sturdier meaning it can hold up to those drops and bumps. All the features of the original 3DS are here in 2DS: it plays the same games, has online play and it's great fun!

What's in the box?

Every Nintendo 2DS bundle comes with the usual suspects; the 2DS system itself, an official Nintendo 2DS Stylus, a 4GB SD memory card to store your game downloads & saves, 6 AR cards for use with the 2DS rear-facing camera and a quick start guide. It even one-ups bigger brother by coming with a universal AC adapter.

Play every 3DS and DS game

Few current consoles can rival Nintendo 2DS for choice of games. You can play the full library of original 3DS games on 2DS and Nintendo DS games as well. There are hundreds of classics to choose from, like Super Mario 3D Land, The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Pokemon and more.

Online fun with StreetPass and Miiverse

The Nintendo 2DS may be a budget console but it's still crammed with online features you’ll love. StreetPass lets you exchange game data with other 2DS players you pass on the street while Miiverse lets you draw and chat in communities focused on your favourite games.

Suitable for under 7s

2DS is the perfect way to introduce kids to the world of Nintendo and video games in general. The original 3DS has a stereoscopic 3D screen that isn't safe for young eyes. With 2DS, anyone can play!

Nintendo 2DS console

Nintendo 2DS Technical Specifications

Console Style Varying two-tone colour styles
Controller Controls optimised for handheld built directly into the device
Storage Capacity Removable and expandle storage options. Accepts SD cards upto 2GB, and SDHC cards from 4GB to 32GB.
Cloud Storage No
Cloud Streaming No
Required Internet Connection No
Motion / Voice Controls No
Second Screen Handheld console contains 2 screens, one of which is touch capable
Mandatory Game Installs No
Used Game Fee No
Subscription Service Coming Soon
CPU ARM11 MPCore 2x 268MHz, 2x VFPv2 Co-Processor
Optical Drive No
Connectivity IEEE 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, Infrared
Backwards Compatibility Nintendo DS/DSi, Virtual Console
TV / A/V Hookups None
What's Included in the 3DS Box Nintendo 2DS console, stylus, 2GB SD card, user manual

Choose your 2DS bundle

There's a lot of options to choose from when searching for the perfect Nintendo 2DS deal. While all Nintendo 2DS consoles are functionally the same, a huge range of bundles means you can search for your favourite colour and pack-in game. Of course, with Gaming Deals, you can shop for the very best 2DS bundle prices available too.

Which 2DS colour?

A wide selection of system colours have been introduced since Nintendo 2DS launched in 2013. Most combine a different colour for the front and back of the 2DS console. At launch, available colours were blue/black, red/black and red/white. Sea green, pink/white, crystal red and crystal blue launched in 2014. Various special editions are also available.

Which bundled games?

Find a Nintendo 2DS console bundled with a game you want and you can save even more. 2DS Bundle deals have included New Super Mario Bros 2, Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire and Mario Kart 7. Check out our Nintendo 2DS deals for the best prices.

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