Tetris 99 cheapest deals and lowest prices

Tetris 99 cheapest deals and lowest prices

Find the best deals on Tetris 99 for Nintendo Switch. We compare 12 deals (starting from £9.98) across every edition offered by our partner retailers.

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Initially released exclusively for Nintendo Switch as a free perk to the platform’s new online subscription service, Tetris 99 is an online multiplayer version of the classic puzzle game. While it may have been walled off to certain players at first, though, now it’s finally available as a physical boxed release – seeing as many as 99 people battle it out against one another to be the last Tetris player standing.

You’ll get to focus on your one center screen during play, witness the efforts of the 98 other players around you. The main difference between this version and classic versions, however, is that clearing lines not only benefits you by clearing the way, but also by letting you target the efforts of other players who are doing particularly well, dumping your unwanted blocks to their screen. It’s a whole new take on Tetris.

The same great puzzle game, redefined for a new generation

For those worried about too many deviations to the classic formula, rest easy. Tetris 99 still very much retains the purity of the world’s best puzzle game, just sprinkling in a few more tweaks into the mix to make it work well for online multiplayer. What you do now affects other people’s games, encouraging you to clear lines fast in order to stay on top.

Offline mode included with the retail release

Picking up Tetris 99 physically will net you 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online to get you going, but it also sees the introduction of a traditional offline mode. In this you still do battle against 98 others, only this time their controlled by bots and work well to let you hone your skills. This physical edition also includes the recently released Big Block DLC as a nice perk.

Limited-time events to keep you coming back for more

Being a primarily online-driven experience, Tetris 99 every so often will run limited-time events that’ll gift players all kinds of special rewards and incentives. Most of these work out as game screen skins based on other popular Nintendo games, which are acquired when completing a certain prerequisite such as ranking in a certain position.

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