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Having enjoyed great success with Wii Fit back in the day, Nintendo is once again entering the field of fitness and merging it with games by way of Ring Fit Adventure. Specifically designed to get you up on your feet and perform exercises in a way that is inventive and fun, it’s a new type of adventure game that’s exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

Picking up Ring Fit Adventure will see you get two bespoke accessories alongside the base game: The Ring-Con controller and Leg Strap. These peripherals naturally work in tandem with the original Nintendo Switch model’s Joy-Con, clicking into place and tracking your movements. All this is eventually translated to in-game actions, which is what allows you to smartly perform exercises and do battle in any of Ring Fit Adventure’s suite of mini-games.

Ring Fit Adventure might disguise itself as a clever way to encourage players to get up and started, but that doesn’t mean that the ‘game’ part of it is any less fun. What’s here is a fully-fledged RPG, driven by exercise actions, yes, but shrouded in a swathe of fun enemies to fight and lands to explore. The entire Ring Fit Adventure campaign can take you anywhere up to 80 hours to complete.

The ultimate way to make getting fit fun on Nintendo Switch

We think most people would agree that signing up to a gym can be overly expensive and not at all fun. Ring Fit Adventure solves a lot of these issues by neatly fitting into the schedule of most players and gamifying the act of exercising. The standard RRP is only £64.99, which isn’t that much more than the price of a new Switch game – it’s also far less than an annual gym membership.

What’s more, we at Gaming Deals remain dedicated to helping you pick up Ring Fit Adventure for less, comparing its price across a range of UK retailers to let you find it at the best price. It’s the first true gamified fitness venture yet from Nintendo since its great success found in the Wii Fit days, being the best way for Switch players to affordably develop a healthy exercise routine.

A colourful adventure that keeps you moving

The world of Ring Fit Adventure is a vibrant one, featuring 40 real-world exercises that you must perform to complete over 100 levels. Working through each one of these will see you gain experience points, making your in-game character stronger than ever before – much like how you will hopefully feel yourself in real life. All this takes place across 20 worlds, so get stuck in!

Exercise at your own pace and when it’s convenient for everyone

Because Ring Fit Adventure is intended primarily for home use (despite Nintendo Switch being portable), the game features certain modes that allows it to be used quietly so as to not upset the neighbours. You’ll undergo the same maneuvers and exercises but just a little more pared back, and there’s always to opportunity to create custom, full-body workouts in a way that works for you.

Work up a sweat with Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure has been specifically designed to take the boredom and dryness out of exercise, distracting you with game mechanics to make getting fit fun. Despite the only equipment required being the Ring Con, Leg Strap and console, critics have been quick to discover that it doesn’t take long to work up a sweat in one of the game’s many exercises. Tasks may start off rather simply, but you can increase or intensify your workouts over time.

Nintendo Switch version 2.0

Only compatible with the original Nintendo Switch

It’s worth noting that Ring Fit Adventure is unfortunately incompatible with the recently released Nintendo Switch Lite console, purely because it lacks the ability to detach the Joy-Con. The Ring Con and Leg Strap monitor your exercise habits using these small controllers, so unfortunately only those with an original, larger Nintendo Switch console can take part. Unless, however, you purchase a Joy-Con pair separately, but then it starts getting costly.

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