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Pokemon Sword

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Being the first fully fledged series entry release to release for the Nintendo Switch, Pokémon Sword is one of two games releasing this November that will set players off in the new UK-inspired Galar region. Once there, you’ll need to get back into the rhythm of battling, exploring and hunting in order to “Catch ‘em all” all over again in a bid to be the very best Pokémon trainer – presumably like no-one ever was.

Pokémon Sword (and its sister title Pokémon Shield) offers up a few new tweaks and improvements to help keep the turn-based JRPG formula fresh. Chief amongst these are the new co-op raid battles, which will let you team up with friends to take down giant-sized Pokémon. There’s still plenty of new ones to seek out and find in the wild, but you’ll have certain opportunities to do battle as a time either over Wi-Fi or via local co-op.

Begin your Nintendo Switch Pokémon adventure in the new Galar region

Pokémon Sword is the perfect start for those already familiar with Game Freak’s legendary series and those who are just starting out. This is the first Pokémon game where you’re able to control the camera and therefore experience the new Galar region from a player-controlled perspective. You’ll also have the chance to catch Pokémon Sword’s exclusive legendary Pokémon, the blade-wielding Zacian.

Three to starter Pokémon to choose from

Every Pokémon game starts out by having you pick one of three Pokémon types: Grass, Fire and Water. Pokémon Sword is no different, making you choose between Grookey the cheeky chimp that acts as the game’s Grass Type, the Fire-type Scorbunny who is always bursting with energy and Sobble who, despite his name, is a pretty powerful water-type lizard. Which will you choose at the beginning of your adventure?

Pokemon starters

Pokemone Sword dynamix

Gigantamax replaces Mega Evolutions

In the past few Pokémon games, specific Pokémon could experience a boost in power mid-battle after temporarily transforming into their Mega Evolution form. These have been scrapped for Pokémon Sword, instead replaced by the new Gigantamax system which sees Pokémon grow to a huge size. During this time they’ll become not only bigger, but stronger for three turns – you can only Gigantamax your Pokémon once per battle.

Explore a region inspired by Britain

Pokemon Sword represents the first time that the region you explore has been influenced by Britain and the United Kingdom. Similar to how Pokémon Sun and Moon took heavy inspiration from Hawaii, the Galar region is unabashedly twee, full of areas filled with Victorian and Edwardian architecture and a number of creature evolutions that pay homage to London and beyond.

Tend to your Pokémon in Pokémon Camp

Need a rest from battling? Pokémon Sword offers up a perfect respite in the form of Pokémon camp, an all-new mode where you can enjoy all the relaxation and fun that comes from taking care of your Pokémon. Setting up a camp and letting them roam allows your team to play together in groups – and you can cook food for the team to keep them healthy. What’s more, you’ll also come across other player’s camps regularly in wild areas.

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