New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe cheapest deals and lowest prices

New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe cheapest deals and lowest prices

Find the best deals on New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe for Nintendo Switch. We compare 34 deals (starting from £33.29) across every edition offered by our partner retailers.

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Run, jump and stomp into the incredibly vivid world of New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, Mario’s first side-scrolling platformer on the Nintendo Switch! This re-released version of the popular Wii U title included not only the main game, but New Super Luigi U, the harder, sped-up version that is certain to challenge even the most expert of classic Mario players!

New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe sees you tasked with once again saving the Mushroom Kingdom, but with more tools, moves and characters at your disposal than ever before. As well as playing as Mario and Luigi, you can also star as Toadette and Nabbit. All the characters come with different attributes and difficulty settings, so whether you want to give yourself the most punishing Mario adventure ever, or you want to let a new player have a gentle introduction, you can cater for either.

And you can do so at the same time! New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe features a two player mode where you can help each other clear the stages, and as the game can be played on a single Joy-Con, every Switch is capable of playing two player mode straight out of the box!

With 164 stages set across a wide range of locations and loads of collectables, New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe promises to be a fixture in Switch’s across the world for months to come!

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