Mafia Trilogy cheapest deals and lowest prices

Mafia Trilogy cheapest deals and lowest prices

Find the best deals on Mafia Trilogy for Xbox, PC, PS4. We compare 30 deals (starting from £17.15) across every edition offered by our partner retailers.

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Because one mafia game simply isn’t enough, 2K is treating third-person gangster fans with the release of Mafia Trilogy on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The collection features remastered versions of both the first and second games, while 2016’s Mafia III has been reintroduced alongside all its previously released DLC. It’s the ultimate Mafia package brought all under one roof.

Both Mafia II and III are available to buy and play now, while the remake of the original Mafia (also being developed by Hanger 13) arrives August 28th. Players that pick up the Mafia Trilogy today will be able to download it on this date. All three games cast you as an underling tasked with working his way up an American crime syndicate, pulling off heists and taking down mob bosses to work your way to the top.

Three Mafia games for the price of one on PS4, PC and Xbox One

As far as value goes, Mafia Trilogy is a collection that offers a staggering amount. Most modern remakes, for example, will retail on PS4, Xbox One and PC at full price, but here you get one remake (Mafia: Definitive Edition) and two remasters (Mafia II + III) for just a little more than one game on its own. All three titles are stories of revenge and betrayal, representing some of the best gangster games ever made.

The first Mafia game remastered, 18 years after release

While Mafia II and III have never looked or played better, the real star of the show here is the original game. Completely remade from the ground up by Hanger 13 using Mafia III’s engine, the first Mafia is an early open-world classic highly inspired by Goodfellas and The Godfather. It being modernized for new players is sure to make it more palatable and a real treat.

All DLC expansions for all three Mafia games included

Mafia Trilogy wouldn’t be short on content even if it was just the three games featured, but the fact that you also get all DLC released prior means players can look forward to hours of content. The first Mafia game might be lacking in this regard due to the time it released, but Mafia II and III don’t disappoint. Continue the adventures of Lincoln and Vito in style in both of their respective crime stories.

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