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Godfall cheapest deals and lowest prices

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Proudly touted as the first true ‘looter-slasher’ game by its developer, Godfall is a fantasy-inspired third-person actioner that challenges you and two other friends to hunt down and find the best gear possible while fending off legions of villainous foes. Godfall is exclusively coming to PlayStation 5 on the console front, offering up players a true next-gen experience featuring engaging combat that will see them wield everything from swords, hammers and dual blades.

Set in a deep world that’s been split into the realms of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit, it’s your job as one of the last remaining knights to bring them back together and prevent the next apocalyptic event. This is made easy thanks to incredibly smooth drop-in drop-out three-player co-op, in which you and friends can venture out using different class builds to acquire high-level weapons and armour.

A near-endless hunt for loot set in a high fantasy land

Diablo III changed the way players thought about dungeon crawling and loot hunting from an isometric perspective. Godfall aims to very much to the same but within a 3D space, boasting a suite of challenging missions that will see you rewarded with invaluable loot should you be successful. Whether playing alone or with two friends by your side, this is a self-proclaimed ‘loot-slasher’ that heavily emphasises melee combat within an attractive fantasy world.

Seamless three-player co-op

Loot games like Godfall are always better with companions. Developer Counterplay Games recognised this and so made buddying up with friends as seamless as possible in missions. Simply drop into your friend’s game or have them pop into yours – either way you’ll be able to continue you chasing that next great armour set without much friction.

Customise your class for your preferred playstyle

As one of the last exalted Knights hoping to bring order back to this world, you’ll be able to create your own custom character and tailor a build to your exact liking. This might mean swapping out a specific Valorplate armour set for a new one, or possibly even shaking up your combat style from a polearm to a two-handed great sword. Godfall allows for a great deal of character customisation.

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