Ghost of Tsushima cheapest deals and lowest prices

Ghost of Tsushima cheapest deals and lowest prices

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Seamlessly blending exploration and stealth, Ghost of Tsushima marks a notable change from the developer that gave us InFamous and Sly Cooper. Sucker Punch has quickly become one of the most respected first-party studios within the PlayStation Wheelhouse, and this new samurai game promises to be an incredibly gripping third-person action-adventure set in feudal japan.

You take on the role of a lowly samurai, fighting and living by a code of honour who is forced to act when the Mongols begin their invasion of Japan. Set in 1274 on Tsushima Island, you’ll have to master a whole new fighting style and dispatch your Mongolian enemies one by one in order to fight for the freedom of your country. Expect deep sword-based combat and an intriguing world.

An open world samurai adventure on PS4 from the people behind inFamous

If InFamous: Second Son perfected the art of being a superhero game set within an open world, then Ghost of Tsushima promises do the exact same but with samurais. Immersing you in feudal Japan during a time of warfare, chaos and extreme violence, you take on the role of a lone defender who will need to perfect the art of katana combat in order to protect the innocent. What follows is a deep and engrossing story based entirely within Feudal Japan.

Ghost of Tsushima looks to take a markedly more serious tone than any of Sucker Punch’s previous games, telling a relatively sombre story wrapped up in deep swordplay combat. The first Mongolian invasion of Japan means that you’re always required to be on your toes, forcing you as protagonist Jin Sakai to utilise your samurai skills for the greater good.

Weapon variety in swords, stealth and grappling hooks

While Ghost of Tsushima will place heavy emphasis on evenly paced combat, there are also plenty of tools and actions you can deploy to make getting around the world easier. Chief amongst them is your grappling hook, which makes it extremely satisfy to traverse the Japanese island at the centre of this conflict. Stealth your way up to enemies or face them head on – the choice is yours.

Travel the map with your horse as your constant companion

Much like other historic games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 or The Witcher 3, Ghost of Tsushima sees Jin constantly accompanied by a horse that makes getting around easier. He is your constant friend and your primary method of travelling quickly between different parts of Tsushima island. Whether continuing on with the main mission or the odd side quest, you’ll never be alone with a horse by your side.

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