Darksiders Genesis cheapest deals and lowest prices

Darksiders Genesis cheapest deals and lowest prices

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The Darksiders franchise might owe a lot to the likes of The Legend of Zelda, Prince of Persia and God of War, but in the roughly 10 years its let us play in its apocalyptic universe each new entry has offered its own flavour of addictive hack-and-slash combat and thoughtful puzzle-solving. Now the series is taking thinks back to basics with Darksiders Genesis – acting as a top-down spin-off that sees original four horseman protagonist War team up with his new brother Strife.

The move to an isometric perspective works well for multiplayer, letting you and another storm and battle your way through various angels and demons in a story set before the first 2010 Darksiders game. War plays much like he did before, with wide-arcing swing attacks that make him a deadly force up close. Strife, however, focused on range thanks to his duel-wielding mechanics.

A hellish hack and slash prequel set in the Darksiders universe

Because Darksiders Genesis is primarily a prequel story, taking place before the events of the apocalypse in the first game, it’s a great point to jump into the series. Releasing on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, working your way through hordes of baddies and working together as a team to defend one another promises to be immensely fun. Helped more so by seeing you explore the depths of hell.

Switch between characters on the fly

While Darksiders Genesis is an experience intended to be played in co-op with a partner, solo players can switch between Strife and War whenever is convenient. Whichever character you play as, you’ll always be accompanied by the other thanks to some smart AI. This comes in especially handy in ensuring that you never become overwhelmed or when a particularly tricky platforming puzzle crops up.

Earn souls to upgrade your special skills

Fighting through levels will see War and Strife gather collectable XP known as souls, which can then be used to upgrade the special abilities of either. Chief amongst these skills are what’s known as Burst abilities, which allow you to push back enemies easier and far quicker. By the end of the game both members of the Four Horsemen will be forces to be reckoned with.

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