Concrete Genie cheapest deals and lowest prices

Concrete Genie cheapest deals and lowest prices

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Aiming to be the perfect conduit to the let the imagination of PS4 players roam free, Concrete Genie promises to be a visually unique puzzle-platformer that sees a young boy try to save his town from darkness. Ash is a boy who suffers from being bullied, but thankfully his luck changes when he finds a magical paintbrush capable of allowing him to express himself artistically.

Your objective is to guide Ash back to the pages from his art book that have been torn out and thrown into the wind. You’ll use the Dualshock 4 controller’s gyro controls to create landscapes, fight off monsters and create living portraits – all of which are needed to progress and solve puzzles. Certain scenarios will require specific actions, but Concrete Genie also includes moments that encourages free-style drawing.

Discover the magic of seeing art in motion and get creative yourself

Set in the small fishing town of Denska, Concrete Genie opts for a charming art style that merges neon colours and patterns with the brutalist greys of modern buildings. This juxtaposition helps to better relay Ash’s plight, inspiring you to cleanse the streets of dark creatures and introduce colour to the whole town.

An adventure about the power of creativity

Despite Concrete Genie being the perfect mix of challenging and creative, you don’t need to be an artist to demonstrate talent while playing. Accessibility is one of the main drives behind the game, hence why all of the game is playable using the Dualshock 4 controller’s motion controls. Waving the gamepad is what allows you paint those beautiful brushstrokes.

Befriend vibrant creatures and bestow them with abilities

Ash’s paintbrush is a powerful tool in Concrete Genie. So powerful, in fact, that the colours you choose to create creatures with can affect how they are able to help you on your journey. Red, for example, with bestow them with the ability to breath fire, while other colours can unlock other abilities for them to use.

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