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The original Xbox One console has gone out of stock for the last time

The first iteration of the Xbox One console has gone out of stock from Microsoft's online store, and it won't be coming back.

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Special Edition Gran Turismo PS4 Announced

Update 2: Another Gran Turismo bundle has been leaked, with a plain black 500GB PS4 Slim.   Update: Within a couple of hours of this post going live, Sony did indeed confirm a special edition Gran Turismo PS4 console. Race fans: check out the Limited Edition Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation 4 console, available from 18th...

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Xbox One X pre-orders are live

Find out where to pre-order both the standard and special edition versions of the Xbox One X console here.

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Support your favourite team with your Xbox One Controller

Microsoft launch three new standard designs and also which encourages football fans to support their team with a custom controller.

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Nintendo announce SNES Mini starting at £69.99

If Nintendo's flagship Switch console has thus far proved the biggest surprise of the gaming world in 2017, Nintendo's announcement that they'll be launching a Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System this Autumn (on September, 29th to be exact) must surely rank as one of the most predictable moves of the year. Last year's...

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The Console Deals E3 2017 Roundup

E3 2017 is in full swing, and with the three key hardware developers now having delivered their main presentations, Gaming Deals is here to cast our verdict on the conference and predict what it could mean for hardware deals later this year and beyond. Gaming Deals MD Phil Jones said: "We're delighted that so much...

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15 Years After Release, the Holy Grail of Zelda: Wind Waker Speedrunning Has Been Found

The world of speedrunning is a fascinating, extremely competitive one that is definitely worth your time to explore if you're in any way interested in video games. The premise is simple: gamers compete to achieve the lowest possible time to complete a given game. Within each game are various "categories" that help distinguish the method...

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8 years ago

1TB Xbox One with New Controller & Great Price

There’s a hell of a lot of downloading going on this console generation. If it isn't games, it’s patches and DLC for games. We need storage!!!

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