January’s Games with Gold and PS Plus titles have been revealed

January’s Games with Gold and PS Plus titles have been revealed

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We’re already in the throes of January 2021, which means that this month’s crop of FREE games for both PS Plus and Xbox Games with Gold subscribers are landing thick and fast. And now that next-gen consoles are a reality (and under our TVs) there’s a strong likelihood that members are eager to play more on their fancy new boxes. Regardless of which platform you play on, January doesn’t look to disappoint and kicks off the new year with a bang.

Games with Gold for January 2021

Xbox is starting off the year pretty strong when it comes to its Games with Gold titles, though players who recently picked up an Xbox Series S|X might be left a little disappointed. All four games coming to subscribers are indeed of good quality, yet none are primed to push the console to its absolute graphical limit. Still, there’s a few gems here you may have overlooked up until now. Both Little Nightmares and The King of Fighters XIII are available now, with two more treats coming on January 15th.

Here’s a brief breakdown of every Games with Gold title arriving in January:

Little Nightmares: If you’re into delectably dark 2S platformers a la Limbo or Inside, odds are you’ll find this oddly specific itch scratched with Tarsier Studio’s Little Nightmares. Originally released way back in 2017, it’s a good choice for the Games with Gold selection as its due a sequel in early February this year, so gives players ample time to catch up and explore the inky depths of the Maw. You’ll do so as the yellow-coated little girl Six, solving puzzles and avoiding creepy enemies in a bid to escape and see what’s going on.

The King of Fighters XIII: The original arcade classic returns in this upgraded version of The King of Fighters XIII, available to download now for Xbox Games with Gold subscribers. It serves as an incredibly stylish fighting game complete with a colourful character roster and a variety of devastating strikes and combos. This instalment acts as the final one to appear in the so-called “Ash Saga”, but newcomers and veterans alike can jump in and enjoy.

Dead Rising: First released over 10 years ago as an early showcase title on Xbox 360, the original Dead Rising is still an enjoyably campy romp that casts you as a sarcastic news photographer that finds himself trapped in a mall with zombies. Wading through them never ceases to be thrilling as hundreds appear on screen at any one time, especially when you have a range of everyday household appliances and toys at your disposal. This version is the Xbox One remastering from a few years ago and is available free to subscribers from January 16th.

Breakdown: This cult classic original Xbox game will be downloadable (alongside Dead Rising) from January 16th onwards, casting you as amnesiac Derrick Cole who is forced to fight his way out using his special abilities – all from a first-person view. Breakdown may not have left a lasting mark on the industry with its unique “FPS-meets-fighting game” premise overall, but Games with Gold members might want to play it to see what could have been.

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PS Plus Games for January 2021

PlayStation is pulling no punches whatsoever when it comes to January 2021’s slew of PS Plus titles, providing three games available throughout the month, all of which are expansive open-world(ish) action games. Campy shark simulator Maneater is the showpiece game available for PS5 owners, while PS4 players have Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Greedfall to look forward to. This holy trinity of freebies becomes available from January 5th.

Here’s a brief breakdown of every PS Plus title arriving in January:

Maneater: Maneater briefly became a bit of a surprise hit when it first released on PS4 last year, allowing players to fulfil their fantasy of playing as a Great White Shark from birth to death. Available exclusively to PS5 players who subscribe to PlayStation Plus, it serves as a fully open-world ShaRkRPG where you explore a large areas and hunt down a diverse pile of enemies ranging from humans and wildlife. All this you do in the effort to get revenge from the fisherman that first harmed you. Become the apex predator when Maneater is free to members on January 5th.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Lara Croft’s rebooted trilogy reached its end in 2018 when the much darker – but no less thrilling or eventful – Shadow of the Tomb Raider was released on PS4. If you somehow missed it the first time around PlayStation Plus offers you up a chance to catch up, setting you off on a globetrotting adventure to prevent Trinity from undertaking world domination. Explore the continents of Central and South America in this exciting action-adventure.

Greedfall: Greedfall slipped under the radar in the middle of 2019, but what most players missed was an admittedly rough around the edged open-world RPG that let you play the role of pirate. Heavily influenced by the likes of The Witcher 3 in its side quests and Mass Effect in the way that it handles companions, you’ll explore different 17th century settlements and attempt to bring the different factions together on this sizeable action role-playing game. Look forward to it on January 5th.

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