What is the best Xbox Series X bundle?

What is the best Xbox Series X bundle?

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The official price for the Xbox Series X is yet to be revealed, but that doesn’t mean that one can speculate what Xbox Series X bundles will be available at launch. The long-rumoured date is for this next-gen console to release is November 17th, meaning that there’s still plenty of time to organise how you’re going to approach release day. However, it’s still worth considering which will be the best Xbox Series X bundle for you to purchase at launch – and that’s where this guide comes in.

It’s pretty much unheard of for a new console to release without an attractive bundle to help better entice early purchasers and knowing the Xbox Series X launch line-up helps us accurately predict what to expect. Halo Infinite might no longer be a day one release, but players used to snapping up the newest, latest and best hardware still have plenty of titles to choose from. With that said, let’s explore what is likely to be the best Xbox Series X bundle.

What do you get in a standalone Xbox Series X bundle?


Before we dive into game-specific Xbox Series X bundle options, it’s worth highlighting what will be included in the standard box. This is the package that will see you receive an Xbox Series X (Black), a new Xbox controller, any required wires and likely not much else. However, even this is expected to come with a free trial for Xbox Game Pass, allowing Microsoft to really wow day one purchasers and give them something to play immediately.

How much will the standalone Xbox Series X bundle retail for at launch? There’s no hard price as of yet, but analysts put its initial RRP at $499/£450 based on tech specs. This would put the Series X in a similar price range to the Xbox One when that launched – the only difference being that the Series X won’t be making use of a Kinect-style peripheral. We will also mention that while the standalone Xbox Series X bundle will only come with one controller, the Xbox One gamepad is forward compatible with Microsoft’s new console.

Price prediction for the standard Xbox Series X bundle: £449.99

Watch Dogs Legion Xbox Series X bundle

While Watch Dogs Legion is expected to release ahead of the Xbox Series X’s launch on October 29th 2020, Microsoft has already linked up with Ubisoft to promote the futuristic open-world game in Xbox-related marketing. This leads us to believe that there is an extremely high chance that a Watch Dogs Legion Xbox Series X bundle will be on the store shelves either on or around launch day. Ubisoft has already confirmed that Legion plays best on Xbox and players who purchase it on the One will receive a free upgrade to the Xbox Series X.

If there is indeed a Watch Dogs Legion Xbox Series X bundle launching in November, don’t expect the console box itself to look any different. Microsoft will want to avoid any chance of confusing consumers too much on day one, so rather than organise a custom, limited-edition design any game-specific bundle will likely stick to the standard black colour. All in all, there’s absolutely no reason why the Xbox Series X shouldn’t launch alongside a game, such as this, that they’ve already locked in marketing rights for.

Price prediction for the Watch Dogs Legion Xbox Series X bundle: £499.99

Halo Infinite Xbox Series X bundle

Just because Halo Infinite is now delayed into 2021, we wouldn’t put it past Microsoft to still slather every Xbox Series X box with images of Master Chief. They could even go a step further and release explicit Halo Infinite Xbox Series X bundles on launch day, in effect doing something similar to the Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One bundle released in June, 2020. This ostensibly guarantees Xbox Series X purchasers that they’ll receive a copy of the platform’s premiere console exclusive on day one.

Up until recently, Halo Infinite was set to launch alongside the Xbox Series X on day one. However, a dedicated Halo infinite Xbox Series X bundle could work seeing as the game will be available via Xbox Game Pass at launch anyway. There is a possibility that doing this may confuse players deciding which Xbox Series X bundle is best for them, but it’d be easily solved by placing a clear disclaimer on the front of the box.

Price prediction for the Watch Dogs Legion Xbox Series X bundle: £449.99

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