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Monster Hunter Rise

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We all know the Nintendo Switch is a great gaming device, but up until now it’s lacked a true Monster Hunter instalment built entirely from the ground up for that platform. All this changes in 2021, however, with the release of Monster Hunter Rise, a new co-op action-adventure set in the ninja-inspired land of Kamura village. It’s notable for taking certain new elements first introduced in 2018’s Monster Hunter World and combining them in a way that makes sense on a slightly less powerful device.

Monster Hunter Rise sets you and a team of up to three others off on a sprawling adventure full of unique beasts to tackle, where hunters must face a new threat together to save the world from calamity. You’re still able to take down monsters using a wide suite of weapon types, only now you can do so with a canine ‘Palamute’ companion by your side, expanding Monster Hunter’s already robust combat to make for the most exciting entry yet.

A new Monster Hunter world unfolds on Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter Rise is the perfect mixture between the old and the new, reinforcing familiar franchise staples like big animal hunts and a giant weapon roster with fresh mechanics like high-flying ‘Wire Action’, the ability to climb almost anything and seamless online co-op. Learning the ways of the hunter has never looked or played better on Nintendo Switch, with Rise being developed specifically for the hybrid console to result in a smoother experience than any previous port.

This marks the first time a Monster Hunter game has been developed from the ground up for the Nintendo Switch. Previous franchise instalments have appeared on the hybrid console, but those ports couldn’t really showcase the beauty of this fantastical world that Capcom is trying to portray. Whether you choose to play primarily in docked or handheld mode, Monster Hunter Rise looks to be one of the most visually impressive games on the system.

Fresh methods of movement with the wire bug

This Nintendo Switch exclusive shakes things up with the addition of the Wire Bug, a new flying critter that enables hunters to wire dash through the air and wall run. This one change gives a literal meaning to the “Rise” subtitle, letting you perform evasive manoeuvres against enemies and regain your footing quickly where necessary.

Team up with others to undertake quests

Monster Hunter Rise continues to place a heavy emphasis on co-operative play, allowing both solo and parties of hunters to fight against beast and undertake quests online. All this is achieved without any loading between areas to help maintain pace and a strong momentum. You and up to three other friends will be hunting and slashing at monsters in no time.

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